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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I only have one minute. I want to use part of this to give my support to the amendments tabled by Mrs Frassoni specifically concerning the campaign against female genital mutilation. This is a campaign that this Parliament has given a great deal of support to, indeed it started it with the help of the Commission, and I must say that there have already been major successes in the African and Arab worlds. Furthermore, I would like our admiration for the Arab and African women to be recorded in at least part of the report. These women are fighting for their rights in their countries, in much more difficult conditions than here, as you can imagine. Today, ten million women have taken to the streets in Mogadishu to fight against female genital mutilation. Across the Arab and African world, extremely courageous women are standing up for their rights. I would like this Parliament to give them a sign of its great support and extremely high regard for them."@en1

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