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"Mr President, Mr President-in-Office of the Council, a new Eurobarometer poll was conducted a few days ago. What attracted particular attention was the extremely low level of participation in June’s elections to the European Parliament. In some countries, scarcely more than 20% of the public say they are interested in these elections, and in virtually none of them do over 50%. There is absolutely no cause for surprise at these figures. The fact is that the European public hear the same old thing year in and year out, that everything bad comes from Brussels, and the good things are all home-made. The game here is ‘passing the buck’, and the Council is particularly good at it. It keeps quiet about the fact that it, as a rule, is part of Brussels, and, when it has the opportunity to play Santa Claus, as it is now, for example, doing with the TENs, the Council likes to be seen dispensing blessings in what is, of course, a solo performance. Who cares about the fact that the Treaty speaks in terms of codecision in these matters, with Council and Parliament jointly taking decisions on the trans-European transport network? Their Eminences of the Council want to be the only ones to dole out largesse and to make promises; none of the glory must rub off on anyone else, certainly not on Parliament. We are not prepared to play along with this charade of disinformation; we are not prepared to do so as a matter of principle, and we are certainly not prepared to do so with 13 June in the offing. The resolution we have submitted is intended to press that point home. Most of all, we demand a clear message to the European public, that not only bad things come out of Europe, and that the European Parliament and its members share responsibility for much that the public see as important, and which, it is to be hoped, benefits them in practice."@en1

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