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"The discussion and resolution on the Costa report is a black day for one Member State, namely Austria. Our country and its citizens are being ridden over roughshod in the most literal sense of the word, regardless. But it is not a black day only for Austria; with this subject the European Parliament, too, is playing with its reputation and is gambling it away here as a representative of citizens and environmental interests, playing into the hands of the noise and exhaust lobby. It was after all the European Parliament that amended the Commission’s original legislative proposal by a large majority and pushed its position through. The outcome of the conciliation procedure is that there are no more controls on transit traffic through Austria. There are no more limits on the environmental damage and no more protection for the local people. ‘Road clear for free lorries’ is the order of the day. If, as some have said, that is a concession for Austria, I can only say: God save us from friends like that! Under these circumstances, there is no question but that the Austrians will reject this proposed regulation. We ask those of our fellow Members who are concerned for the European Parliament’s reputation as an institution that is close to the citizens and friendly to the environment to support us in this. However the vote goes, the problems will not be solved. The Republic of Austria sees great difficulties in implementing what is to apply in future and the citizens will find the new rules hard to live with. I can see one positive aspect to this whole development: next year we shall be debating the infrastructure charging directive here. It will apply for the whole of Austria. It will no longer be about special favours for one country and its citizens. Then we shall see how this Parliament and its Members will vote: as friends of the citizens and the environment or the way the noise and exhaust lobby wants. Europe’s voters will express their gratitude on 13 June."@en1

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