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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, we have, in Europe, been talking for over twenty years in terms of what we call the new approach. Now we have another buzzword: the European Union is no longer to regulate every detail of everything, but it is to concentrate primarily on the interoperability of systems. Unfortunately, though, we often do not adhere to this principle, and that is the problem in this instance, but not with the directive itself, of which there has already been much criticism. The Commission has proposed a system for the future, admittedly one whose target date is a long way in the distance. As the Commissioner said, the only thing is that it probably will not work, and that is not what we want. We need workable systems – note the plural – that must be in place, that must work, and must be interoperable. I have nothing against satellite technology, and there is much to be said for it, but not when it is like this. Is the collapse in Germany not enough for us? What we need right now is technological neutrality, and we will carry on needing it for a number of years. Looked at from that angle, we must warmly thank our rapporteur, Mrs Sommer, for, at an early stage – which was the right one – steering the committee’s discussions in the direction that we need, concentrating on the need to guarantee interoperability, above all, too, on making things simpler for the user, and on ensuring that the system can work. That leads me also to warmly thank Mr Turmes, who was right to warn us against losing our grip on reality when dealing with the topic of tolls and toll systems. When he started speaking, it almost sounded as if he were already talking about ecopoints, which are the next item on the agenda, but I can agree with him on that and also on what he has said on this item for discussion: we should not get airborne over this. Let us ensure that there are workable systems for our transport system as a whole, or else we may end up organising some things better, but we will be wrecking many more."@en1

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