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"Split over Iraq, failure in Cancun, snubbed in Sweden, the stability pact wrecked, and now the constitutional fiasco, 2003 will indeed have been the for Europe! There will therefore be no European constitution, but not to worry, Europe is so far removed from the hearts and minds of the Europeans that no citizen will miss it or, doubtless, even notice. I do not really know to whom we owe this ‘miracle’, Mr Berlusconi; whether it is the Spanish, the Poles or, as many are saying here, the French, I think they have acted wisely since it is very obvious that the Europe of the 25 has not grown up and it was premature, to say the least, to give it that mark of political and democratic maturity that is a constitution. Let us have mercy therefore on Turkey, Mr Berlusconi, and let us think again for a century or two, maybe even longer. For my part, I think we owe the Brussels fiasco as much as to the corporatism of the European institutions, and first and foremost the Brussels Commission, as to some Member States defending their legitimate interests. That is what happens, Mr Prodi, when Penelope goes against the teaching of the Odyssey and unravels instead of knitting. But let us calm ourselves and be consoled: we might not have a European constitution but we have won over the !"@en1

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