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"Mr President, I do not want to repeat what other Members have said, especially my colleague, Mrs Dührkop, but I should just like to give a warning in relation to two of the reports you have in front of you. Later this month the Committee on Budgets will have a conciliation meeting with the Council on a variety of issues and one of those issues will be to get an across-the-board agreement on those areas where we have codecision. There are seven areas in total, three of which are on the plenary agenda for this week. We in the Budgets Committee especially through the work of Mrs Dührkop, who has worked in a very assiduous way have tried to seek an agreement on these reports. We now find, however, that two of the reports are giving us serious problems. If Amendments 19 to the Prets report and 14 to the Ilvari report are carried, we will have real problems when it comes to the conciliation. In fact I am sure the Council and the Commission will say that the reports actually violate the Financial Regulation. If Parliament were to reject those two amendments it would make life a lot easier. I need to give warning now that, if those two amendments are carried, I, as Chairman of the Budgets Committee, would consider that to be a breach of Rule 63a. In other words, we will taking into account the Financial Regulation and the budgetary consequences. I will stand up during the vote to ask Parliament to support an oral amendment to ensure that both these reports fall into in line with the Financial Regulation. Hopefully, when we come to conciliation, we can get a consensus on all the reports and not just five out of seven."@en1

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