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"Mr President, as we listen to and take part in this debate, we seem to feel, after 50 years and seven wars in the Middle East, that we are taking a risk, that is to say that each of us seems to have turned into a minor master of democracy and budgeting capable of applying yardsticks and prejudices that are ours and ours alone. We may not always have appreciated the role played by Yasser Arafat, just as we have hardly ever appreciated the role played by Sharon, but we should not forget that President Arafat was democratically elected as president of a people deprived of a homeland, of its own territory and a peaceful existence. If we forget that we are guilty of conceit, evasiveness and superficiality. If we condemn terrorism against Israel firmly and with absolute sincerity – and we condemn it with all our strength and with all due vehemence – then we should condemn with equal force and vehemence the character assassination by the media of the democratically elected president of a people. We call on the Presidency not just to denounce his exile as unacceptable. We should also be denouncing the indecent incitement to homicide by a minister in the Israeli Government and by an influential newspaper like the . What can Europe do? Just blacklist ? I do not think that is enough. We need to be firm on three points: we should call for an end to the blockade on the Palestinian territories; we must call for an end to all settlement activities; and we must call for the demolition of the security wall, which amounts, in practice, to an annexation of territory and is a violation of international law. Europe must invest here, and one possibility might be to send in a ground force that would make a decisive, practical contribution to monitoring respect for reciprocal obligations. The only alternative to peace is peace, but to make this possible Europe must take practical action."@en1
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