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"Mr President, together with the majority of my group and, in any event, all the French members of the Group for a Europe of Democracies and Diversities (EDD), I will be voting against the appointment of Jean-Claude Trichet as President of the European Central Bank although I have been told that it is unusual to vote against one’s fellow countryman. Nevertheless, as we all saw, Mr Trichet renounced his nationality in the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, saying ‘I'm not a Frenchman’ in order to gain the good graces of the Commission, in which he appears to have succeeded. The reason for our opposition, however, goes deeper. Jean-Claude Trichet is, as every French person knows, one of the instigators of a policy that sacrifices, which has sacrificed and which continues to deliberately sacrifice growth to the Malthusian dogma of stability. For ten years we have been paying for the Central Bank’s monetary policy at a rate of one growth point per year and I must say that I am astonished, Mr Lipietz, that you have become such an ardent royalist. During the work of the European Convention, we and by ‘we’ I mean Mr Katiforis and many others, most of the socialists and the Greens, tried to change this dogma and to propose that, in the new European Constitution, as much ambition should be devoted to growth as to stability. We failed and I believe that this Parliament, at least those Members who took part in this struggle, would restore some pride by abstaining on Mr Trichet’s appointment, because he is so emblematic of this policy which has caused and which continues to cause so much damage, as we see on a daily basis, to the European economy."@en1

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