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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, I, too, like Mr Caudron and all of us here, wonder what we can do to stop this annual event of our report on human rights becoming a ritual. I feel that there is something we could do, and that is to press on with our practical monitoring and condemnation of human rights abuses, to implement the resolutions adopted in this House without confining our duties to the declarations of principle that we write on our cards, to provide – as the Commissioner, too, has said – funds and practical resources, as well as training and support, for those who work in the field of human rights, starting with the United Nations, and, lastly, to support journalists – many journalists have been killed in the past year, Commissioner – whom I believe are a source of witness and verification which is important, not least for Parliament. With regard to Mr van den Bos’ report, it would appear clear that we need to prevent religion becoming a divisive factor once again in the third millennium, as it has been for a long time. We need to avoid fresh forms of intolerance and new forms of discrimination developing in the name of God, not least in some highly civilised countries, in some highly civilised Western democracies: a world divided and traversed by new crusades would be a terminally ill world, and we must prevent it. Today, Mr President, I believe that the battle for human rights can no longer be seen as a battle of principles, that it cannot be won by cunning or by taking short cuts. We therefore call upon the Council to make every endeavour to ensure that the human rights clause – we have already heard this in the Council’s speech – is not seen as just a minor addition but represents a firm ideal of legal and democratic civilisation which Parliament will ensure is never diminished."@en1

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