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"Mr President, I would also briefly like to welcome the Commissioners and raise an issue that will occupy centre-stage throughout the debate, particularly but not exclusively with regard to agriculture. The European Union has pursued the right policy, which is to attempt to distinguish between the poorest countries, the so-called ‘least developed’ countries and the developing countries because there are enormous differences between these nations. India, Indonesia and Malaysia, for example, have nothing in common with the problems facing Mozambique or Burkina Faso. The issue that we are now addressing, in other words, special and differentiated treatment, must be studied very carefully, because we cannot treat all these countries in the same way, since they are in fact different countries, with very different levels of development. This is why I would ask our Commissioner: what support does the approach adopted on this matter by the Commission offer the poorest countries, an approach that attempts to make a distinction between the poorest countries and the less poor ones?"@en1

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