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"Mr President, very briefly, I wish to start by congratulating Mrs Miguélez Ramos on her magnificent report, which we all acknowledge to be extremely well thought out and sensible and which, as a matter of fact, follows on from a previous piece of work undertaken by Mrs Langenhagen, who was rapporteur when this fisheries protocol was first drawn up and who has also made some suggestions that represent a step in the right direction and which are in line with the Communication that the Commission is now presenting to us. I believe that with this Commission statement, together with this declaration of intent, if it is put into practice – and we all hope that it is – we will finally put an end to the somewhat bizarre situation in which we have been operating until now. First of all, as has already been said, we have been paying out compensation under the common fisheries policy that is worth almost twice the real value of catches – and this is no small matter; we are in fact talking about a straightforward doubling of the figure, which amounts to a tidy sum. Secondly, we are finally seeing budgetary transparency, something that was previously lacking, as pointed out recently by the Court of Auditors. Furthermore, there has been discrimination as regards access to resources in this area. I would recall the specific case of my own country, which has historically always fished in these waters but which, after joining the European Union, because it had no agreement with Denmark, lost those historical rights. We have a great deal of respect for the principle of relative stability but we feel that there must be flexibility so that quotas that go unused in any given year are taken over by those that can actually use them, without this, of course, preventing us from continuing to seek to divide up these quotas equitably, and consequently ensure relative stability. This is why the Commission’s document represents a step in the right direction and I hope that it is put into practice, together with the appropriate legislative measures."@en1

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