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". – Mr President, we have tried to work closely with Mr Cunha and the other rapporteurs to ensure that when we take the final vote on this we comply with Rule 63a of our Rules of Procedure. The amendments tabled by the Committee on Budgets state that the figures do comply with the financial perspectives up to 2006. However, during this vote several amendments have been adopted which have not been assessed. The assessments are carried out in conjunction with the Commission to ensure that the figures are within the financial perspective. In the light of the votes on these amendments, could the Commission inform us whether those figures remain within the financial perspective? If they do, that is fine; if they do not, then the wording needs to be changed from 'do comply' to 'do not comply', for factual reasons if nothing else. If Commissioner Fischler does not know the answer now, I suggest, if the House agrees with Mr Cunha, that when the assessment is finalised we make sure that the correct wording goes in the final text for the ."@en1

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