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"Mr President, this is quite a difficult debate, which we must approach in a spirit of democracy, whilst also showing sensitivity to all parties involved. We all agree that the principle of sustainability based on scientific criteria must, of course, be observed when exploiting the sea’s resources, but the principle of non-discrimination must also apply, although this must be duly combined and complemented with the principle of relative stability, which is also important. I wish to thank those colleagues who, together with Mrs Figueiredo, voted for my amendment on access to waters in the Azores region. In fact, as has already been stated, this is an extremely sensitive situation, with a very complex ecological balance, and enormous care must be taken in granting access to these waters, since fish are concentrated in a tiny part of these waters, in the furthest reaches of the sea. Secondly, I also wish to support the Commission’s intention, expressed in this proposal for a report, to continue the specific arrangements with regard to access to the waters lying between Portugal and Spain. This was, in fact, decided in 1995, by common agreement between the two countries, and has had the support of the Commission and the Council. We hope that these arrangements can continue, because they are the best way of pursuing responsible fishing and a climate of peace between the fishing communities of the two countries."@en1

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