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"Mr President, I wish to start by twice expressing my thanks: first to our rapporteur, Danielle Auroi, for her work on this report, which reveals her considerable efforts to try to synthesise and extend the scope of these directives. Secondly, I wish to thank the Commission, because I greatly welcome the fact that it has presented these proposals to provide a clear and transparent legal basis for funding comparative tests and trials for seeds and plants. I therefore think that we are all on the right track and that this is precisely what is needed. The fact is, however, that there are some differences of opinion on how far this work should go. On this I agree with various fellow Members who have spoken and with the rapporteur herself on the need to take a broader view of the entire issue of testing seeds and plants. We must therefore address this issue in a way that better reflects the reality of the situation. Of course, we can then disagree on the issue of whether or not to regulate the issue of mixing pure seeds with seeds containing GMOs. My views on this matter are not based on ideology and like Mrs Keppelhoff-Wiechert, I also believe that we must accept what science has to say and that we must adopt a limit that entails no risk of excessive contamination. I also agree, however, with the need to ensure that we have pure seeds that are, as far as possible, uncontaminated by GMOs. For this reason, it would perhaps be worthwhile providing for special funding only for seeds not containing GMOs, covering organic farming, of course, but also traditional farming, which uses traditional regional and local seeds and varieties that are not sold on any large scale but which ought to be safeguarded from the point of view of genetics."@en1

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