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"Mr President, Commissioner, we can now make an evaluation of the implementation of these measures. I think two of these are extremely relevant. The first, and perhaps the most important – to which various Members have already referred – is the excessive rigidity with regard to the payment conditions for aid of EUR 12 000 to crew members. As we know, in order for these people to receive the money, the vessels on which they worked must have been scrapped or integrated into joint ventures. And yet the Commissioner said that the Commission shared the view that if the vessels have not been scrapped or integrated into joint ventures it is because they are fishing elsewhere and the crew members are therefore employed. This is an erroneous assumption, however, because although in some cases shipowners do actually manage to send their vessels to fish in other fishing grounds, they are only able to make a partial profit, or to provide a partial alternative to what they had previously in the Moroccan fishing grounds. In other cases, the shipowners themselves are waiting for an alternative for the future. Whereas they are waiting or whereas they have partial alternatives, the crew members or fishermen of the vessels that previously fished in Morocco are now unemployed and inactive. This is why this situation must be reviewed as a matter of urgency and why crew members, who are entirely blameless in the matter, should not be sacrificed. The second element of rigidity concerns the fact that, at the time the agreement with Morocco lapsed, some shipowners were building vessels to fish in that country’s waters. As the agreement lapsed, these shipowners had to convert these vessels and refit them for other fishing grounds. This refit of the vessels entailed increased costs, which were borne by the shipowners. I think it would be fair, under the current regulation or under any other, for Community co-financing to be provided to cover this rise in shipowners’ costs. I shall finish by saying, as other Members have done, that these matters must be resolved. They will not cost any more money; what is needed in order to resolve these problems is for flexibility to be shown."@en1

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