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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, it is hardly necessary to talk about the importance of forests to the European Union, in light of the fact that they occupy 40% of our territory and that they provide two and a half million jobs, not to mention their importance to the environment, as the Kyoto protocol recently acknowledged. It is therefore hard to understand why this Commission proposal excludes the cofinancing of measures to prevent forest fires, measures that were previously funded under Regulation 2158/92. The southern parts of the European Union are at greatest risk of desertification, as various speakers have already said, due to their hot, arid climate, which is extremely propitious to fires. Therefore, if we wish seriously to preserve the forests of southern Europe, we will have to provide for the funding of fire prevention measures. Unless the Council adopts Parliament’s amendments to achieve this, the countries of southern Europe will not have the means to continue the actions they have embarked on to prevent forest fires, actions which, by their very nature, cannot be separated from monitoring actions provided for, incidentally, in the regulation. Unless forests are protected from fires, there is no point in talking about biodiversity, because when fires occur, they burn down everything. Neither plants nor animals survive. Tens of thousands of hectares burn down every year in Portugal and in other Mediterranean countries. Parliament has been sensitive to this scourge and has therefore proposed - and I hope will adopt – the amendments presented to us by Mrs Redondo Jiménez. Unless the Council is able to understand this, doubts will remain as to its ability to understand the reality of the situation of Europe’s forests. I thank and congratulate Mrs Redondo Jiménez, who has guided us through this matter extremely ably, with great skill and tenacity."@en1

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