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"Mr President, Madam Vice-President of the Commission, ladies and gentlemen, both the White Paper and Mr Izquierdo Collado's report show very clearly that there is still a very great deal that needs to be done in the transport sector. Nevertheless, it is appropriate at this stage to pay tribute to the work done by the current Commissioner for transport. In a short time she has got things moving. We can confidently expect them to keep moving smoothly and quickly. In an earlier intervention, the rapporteur said that the European Union's transport policy was still lacking in one respect: he thought that we had lost the battle for sustainability. I should like to consider this issue by referring to one specific aspect of transport policy. Charges and funding instruments are, quite rightly, addressed specifically in paragraph 75 and those following it in Mr Izquierdo Collado's report. Where transport is concerned, the key question is always what the transport service costs. That is why the true costs and the cost advantages of the individual modes of transport need to be compared properly and in detail. This afternoon we have been debating the Austrian transit system. I must repeat and underline now what we already heard earlier: for as long as it is cheaper to travel through the Alps and other sensitive areas by lorry, however good the alternative infrastructures on offer are, it will be to no avail. Even a tunnel under Austria would not help if it were cheaper to travel through the country above ground. My request to you is therefore for some serious proposals on transport in particularly sensitive areas, and as soon as possible."@en1

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