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"Mr President, I too am grateful to the rapporteur because I believe this report enables us to set down some definitive points: first of all aquaculture as a substantial source of supplementary income, especially for fishermen who live and work in marginal areas; and secondly its capacity for reducing fishing and for preserving our resources. A few problems remain, however, especially for small–scale fishing and traditional fishing. Conversion to aquaculture should attract aid because it is expensive: financial resources are needed for the initial investment and to get through the first three years, which are almost always unproductive. The Financial Instrument for Fisheries Guidance should include specific, targeted, fast credit facilities, or aquaculture will remain an option only for the well–off. The Commission’s target of 8 000 to 10 000 more jobs is an ambitious challenge, and it will require a solid commitment to promote the economic profitability of aquaculture. Another objective – one which Parliament is particularly concerned with – is food safety, environmental impact and animal health. In this respect, there is a need for a code of conduct, with well–defined rules and parameters, and, above all, there is a need to ensure that all products from third countries comply with our standards of hygiene, food safety and animal welfare. This is not just to prevent unfair competition, as one might imagine, but principally to make an effective improvement to the quality of our sustainable development."@en1

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