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"Mr President, in normal circumstances this procedure, as it is being proposed by the Commission, would be totally unacceptable. The accident occurred on 19 November. Six days later Parliament's delegation was in a conciliation meeting where we agreed on the mobilisation of the flexibility instrument for the remaining EUR 27 million for the restructuring of the Spanish and Portuguese fleets. All this could have been dealt with differently and in a different time frame. The proposal as it is violates certain principles. Firstly, it violates a procedure that is transparent. Secondly, it violates the principles of specificity of the budget established by the financial regulation. It violates last year's decision to mobilise the flexibility instrument for the restructuring of the Spanish and Portuguese fleets, and it also violates the principle of sound management since there is no margin left under heading 2, which implies that decommitments and then recommitments have to be made to make the necessary funding available. Having made all that clear, let us look at the political and the pragmatic approach. We, in the Committee on Budgets, are political and pragmatic people – not just budgetary people as people seem to think we are! As Mr Gerhard Schmid said to me a short while ago, not everyone believes in God but they all believe in the Committee on Budgets! The Commission proposal at least gives us the chance to use this year's budget – the 2002 budget – and that would be a better solution for taxpayers, to make sure that we are using money from this year, rather than getting supplementary own resources for next year. Whilst condemning the procedure and making it abundantly clear that this calendar of the Commission should not in any circumstances represent a precedent, I can recommend, on behalf of the coordinator of the Committee on Budgets, approval of the urgency."@en1

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