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"Madam President, President-in-Office of the Council, we feel that, at Copenhagen, the European Union was playing a familiar song entitled ‘Just one more minute, Mr Executioner’. No one is fooled by the recantations surrounding Turkey’s candidacy. Turkey’s accession is now inevitable, despite the unanimous opinion of the people of Europe who are, whether they be from the East or from the West, Copenhagen’s big losers. I am sure that future generations, Mr Prodi and Mr Rasmussen, will wonder who were those strange European leaders who decided in Copenhagen that St Petersburg is not part of Europe, but that Ankara is. They will without doubt realise at that point that the sole aim of the matter involving Turkey is to ensure that the European Union’s perimeter matches that of NATO, which is what the US is clamouring for. So, you are talking of a new Europe, Mr Rasmussen, but let us consult the people of Europe directly and by a referendum to find out if they would rather Europe stayed as it is at present. Lastly, Mr Prodi, since you have become an expert on this subject, may I suggest that you create the European Prize for Stupidity and award it to your colleague, Mr Verheugen, for this staggering declaration: ‘Enlargement will cost EUR 25 per inhabitant, the Second World War cost much more’. In my view, only the excessive consumption of can explain such an outburst!"@en1

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