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"President of the Commission, it seems to me that you were better inspired last month when you condemned the stupidity of the Stability and Growth Pact which, I believe, has since been renamed the ‘Stupidity Pact’ by some perceptive commentators. With your comments, you launched a genuine debate on the economic and social goals of the European Union, which is struggling to find real legitimacy amongst the European citizens and nations. Today, I regret to say, you are paving the way – prematurely, I feel, given the work of the Convention and, especially, the attitude of Europeans – for the European Union to pick up again its most characteristic bad habit, namely, institutional navel-gazing. This debate is premature and you are, I am sure, launching it because the Commission has a gun held to its head. If I may say so, I think that your proposal sounds rather like a swan song of federal institutions that are on their knees and devoid of inspiration at the dawn of the twenty-first century. I hope that the Europe which is taking shape will be a Europe of nations that are once again entrenched, re-rooted in the national democracies and nourished by the national democracies. I hope that we will put an end to what I called – I shall say it again today and you illustrated this point very well in your report – the attempt to create a kind of ‘off-shore’ State."@en1

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