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"This Parliament report on the reform of the CFP remedies some of the shortcomings in the Commission proposal, but is remiss with regard to others. With regard to its positive points, I would highlight three main aspects: the first is that sustainable fisheries management must be based on a balanced range of measures, not only on the simplistic solution of fleet reduction, but also on a greater selection of fishing methods, on the proper use of the MAGPs and of the TACs and quotas. Most of all, the recommendation that in any reduction of the fishing effort, lower targets are set for Member States that have already undertaken fleet reduction; the second aspect is the clear recommendation that fisheries agreements with third countries, which, if properly implemented are of mutual convenience for both parties, must continue to be an integral part of the CFP. For this reason, it is right that ships removed from the Community fleet can continue to be included in fleets belonging to joint ventures; the third aspect is the desire to find a specific solution to the problem of access to the waters of the outermost regions, which have very delicate balances and ecosystems, such as the Azores, the Island of Madeira and other regions in the European Union. The aspect that I feel is most negative is the report’s total omission of the structural component. There are two main reasons for not changing the rules laid down at the Berlin European Council on the funding of fisheries structures. The first is that fleet modernisation is in itself a priority matter, because otherwise the Community fleet will become uncompetitive: where Portugal is concerned, 40% of our fleet is over 25 years old and therefore, unless it receives support, it will be unviable. The second reason is that since appropriations were set in Berlin for fleet modernisation by 2007 and since various ship owners have placed orders on this basis, it is politically unacceptable to now change the rules in mid-stream."@en1

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