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"Mr President, Chancellor Bismarck, who was no novice in European politics, used the following expression: ‘in a three-power system, you must be one of the two powers’. I therefore believe that he would have seen the Brussels Summit for what it really was. In actual fact, the decisions taken at Brussels, and the agreement between France and Germany in particular, are a serious threat to the future. France has agreed to stabilise agricultural policy expenditure after 2006, when the number of European farmers will be more than twice its current level and in doing so, the President of the French Republic is adopting the incredible attitude of ‘ ’. Unless this is a sign of the anticipated surrender – the most likely outcome – of the European Union at the next round of WTO negotiations that were scheduled in Doha and which are, in fact, due to be completed in 2005. Consequently, following the Stability and Growth Pact, which was a victim of its own stupidity; it is now the European agricultural policy that is condemned because of Europe’s trade policy. We are now expecting competition policy – another of the Commission’s much-vaunted areas of excellence – to collapse under the weight of its overwhelming infallibility. What remains, Mr Prodi, of the policies over which the Commission claims to have sovereign authority? Do you want to lose out substantially in the new division of powers on which the Convention is working, that you would otherwise not be able to achieve? What is more serious is that since Nice, the European Union seems to be rushing headlong from one summit to the next, as if Europe were trying to conceal its concern and to regain some composure in the eyes of others. Enlargement has therefore come at a good time. The imminent integration of Asia Minor will, no doubt, be a considerable consolation in this respect."@en1

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