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"Mr President, at the Laeken Summit, the Heads of State or Government called for greater transparency, simplicity and comprehensibility in the European regulatory system. The Convention has tried to live up to this task, and has, among other things, set up a working group on the simplification of procedures. Today's report by Mr Martin again makes it abundantly clear just how urgently necessary it is that this group should exist and that it should produce a result. In 1999, as one of the members of the Committee on Budgetary Control, I experienced first-hand the dilemma into which we were all plunged by the Rules of Procedure – or, as one should perhaps say, the Rules of Disorderly Business. At the time, the conduct of a number of Commissioners was unacceptable, discharge ought really not to have been granted, but, reasonably enough, we neither wanted nor were permitted to make scapegoats of the Commission as a whole. The problems of those days have been resolved by history – or probably, only by the honourable attitude of our present colleague Jacques Santer. It is evident, though, that we have not learned much from this. The system now proposed is no less complex than its predecessor. The present system is just as opaque as that which went before it, and if there were any need of proof of this, it has been provided by the events surrounding the efforts towards a compromise on this proposal. Goethe, that prince among poets, has his Faust say that he is driven mad by thoughts that seem to revolve in his head like a millstone: ' '. I do not believe that we should inflict such headaches on our citizens in Europe – at any rate, not in the long term. All we can do, then, is to take on ourselves the task, here today, tomorrow and the day after, of finding a compromise and, in the Convention on the Future of Europe, to work out a model in accordance with which the public and their representatives understand what the political implications of discharge resolutions are and are meant to be."@en1
"Mir wird von alledem so dumm, als ginge ein Mühlstein mir im Kopf herum"1

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