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"Madam President, the United States has a strange idea of international law. Yesterday, we learned that, in violation of the Biological Weapons Convention, Washington is not going to allow inspections to be carried out in US firms, despite the fact that a war is about to break out because of a very similar situation. Now, we learn that even the International Criminal Court is considered by the United States to be just another tiresome bee in the European bonnet. We are all now quite aware that any bilateral agreement providing for tolerance towards the United States or granting its citizens immunity would run counter to the spirit of the Treaty of Rome. We call upon the Council because, to prevent this, we need the explicit and immediate intervention of all the European governments, particularly, Madam President, the Berlusconi Government, which, just a few days ago, hinted that it might allow the US Government to take unacceptable shortcuts, disregarding once too often the fact that, where peace and international law are concerned, there is no difference between civilians and military: everyone is a citizen with the same rights and the same responsibilities."@en1

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