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"Mr President, in my opinion, the wording of items 6 and 7 on the CAP and the agricultural subsidies demonstrates three major political mistakes. The first is a total ignorance of the declaration signed in Doha, where the European Union agreed to reduce its export subsidies, but managed to insist that all other types of subsidies, specifically the credits handed out by the United States of America and the state undertakings of other countries, should also be reduced. And this is a major victory for the European Union to have achieved. The second reason is that this wording reveals a completely ingenuous analysis, which states that a unilateral reduction of subsidies by the European Union could solve the problems. Especially at a time when the United States has just approved an agricultural policy in which they increase their subsidies and especially when it is widely known that this new American policy is heightening the depression in world prices. This way of thinking is all the more ingenuous because the USA is the largest exporter of agricultural products to the Developing World, and not only to the European Union. The third reason is this declaration’s incomprehensible silence on the European Union initiative known as ‘everything but arms’, which is to date the largest, most relevant and generous offer made by the developed countries to the world’s poorest countries. And the fact that this has been ignored and not mentioned is incomprehensible. In other words, we are not valuing our own efforts. All these reasons, therefore, explain why the wording of items 6 and 7 in this declaration on agriculture is known in politics as 'shooting oneself in the foot': this weakens the European Union, this European Union that has until now been the most powerful force promoting the interests of the poorest countries. This is why it is crucial, in tomorrow’s voting time, to remedy these aspects."@en1

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