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"Mr President, as I am sure the entire House is aware, yet another heartbreaking tragedy has taken place in recent days off the coast of Sicily, where 14 immigrants from third countries drowned after being hurled into the sea from the boat transporting them. A few days ago, the shipwreck of another boat off the coast of Sicily claimed the lives of 36 third-country nationals. There have been hundreds of victims in recent months already, and they represent a small, silent, tragic holocaust. The Italian Minister for Internal Affairs, Mr Pisanu, is calling for help from the Union, disregarding the fact – we would venture to point out – that the humanitarian contribution of civilisation and solidarity made by the Berlusconi government to the tragedy consists of a law closing the borders and introducing digital fingerprinting. We too call upon Europe to make a contribution, but not towards further barricading the coastlines. I feel that Europe’s role could be to define specific measures and actions to help alleviate the desperation and poverty of the countries from which thousands of North Africans continue to flee every day."@en1

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