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"Mr President, a great deal still needs to be done for Afghanistan, and this resolution is a good political contribution. I would, however, just like to focus on three points. Firstly, we must restore the role, responsibility and visibility of the United Nations. In terms of assessing the outcome of the intervention, in terms of analyses which would justify any further action, we note that the United Nations is absent, often considered to be an intruder, and is, in effect, excluded. This unilateralist approach does not further the cause of Afghanistan, not least in that we are legitimately and frankly concerned at the way we are blindly placing all our trust in President Bush, whose approach to foreign policy is quite inconsistent and has, moreover, even been questioned by his Executive. Secondly, we reject double standards in matters of human rights. We call for guarantees of fair trials for all accused persons, whatever the offence they are being charged with. We call for respect for international conventions. It may be that some of them need to be reworked and revised, and they must genuinely be revised, not set aside. We call for these guarantees to be applied to all accused persons because it is a fundamental rule, a fundamental principle that there is no room for compromise in human rights, particularly if it is designed to make things easier for ourselves. I would stress: whoever the accused person is. Lastly, Mr President, through this resolution, we call upon the Afghan authorities to make the greatest possible endeavours to obtain justice for the journalists killed in Afghanistan and to expose the truth behind their murders – I reiterate, to obtain justice and to reveal the truth: as well as justice, we demand to be informed of the reasons why many journalists have been killed. If we have had the opportunity to find out about what has happened in Afghanistan, it is partly thanks to the journalists who decided to go and report on this war on the spot. To call for justice for those who fell doing their duty, Mr President, and for the truth behind their deaths to be revealed, is the least that Parliament can do now."@en1

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