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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, these three reports – by Mr Fava, Mrs Sanders-ten Holte and Mrs Maes – were adopted by very large majorities in committee. Members have therefore rightly drawn attention to what the present legislative process will achieve as we move towards a Single Sky. All that, including the thanks to the Commissioner and to the rapporteurs, merits nothing but agreement. As several Members have already said, though, ideal solutions are still a long way off. Those who are unwilling to admit that should put themselves, for a moment, in the position of the public. Our citizens take a far less rosy view of the topic of ‘flying in Europe’, above all when, as frequently happens, they are obliged to travel by air. They regard flying in Europe as safe. That is a good thing, and may it stay that way, even though, here too, there is still room for improvement. Above all, though, they regard flying as extremely expensive. For what I pay to fly from Graz, my home town, to Brussels, I could just as well fly to Los Angeles or Kuala Lumpur. Quite clearly, something is out of proportion here. More delays are occurring. Flying at high speed as we do, we spend more time sitting around at airports, and it happens all too often that we do not fly at all. Strikes, especially just before public holidays, keep reminding us to what an extent some people, when the issue of safe air travel comes up, consider their own interests rather than the public interest alone. Looked at in that light, we should not only laud what has been achieved, but we should also, and especially, work on the basis that what we are taking the first steps to get moving today might well need further improvement, so that, setting ourselves higher standards, we may ensure greater safety in the air, and also proper transport conditions in Europe. There is still much to be done."@en1

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