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"Mr President, I do not think it will have escaped the notice of the Commissioner and the President-in-Office of the Council that a good deal of hypocrisy seems to hang over this debate. A few days ago the Director-General of the FAO, Jacques Diouf, noted that, six years after the 1996 summit, ‘for the starving of the earth the bell still tolls.’ All the speakers have noted that 800 million people – including 300 million children – suffer from hunger and that every day 24 thousand people die of starvation. Mr Diouf has declared: ‘Promises have not been kept.’ Worse still, our actions contradict what we say. What actions were expected of us? Here are a couple of examples: investing in the Millennium goals, that is agriculture, health and education; and raising the level of aid from the G8 countries for this great battle to 0.7% of their gross domestic product. We have a long way to go when we think that the richest country, the United States, pays out only 0.1% or 34 dollars per head The way the rich countries ignored this meeting added insult to injury. The Presidents of the United States and of Russia were absent; the Heads of Government of Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Canada were absent. Just Mr Prodi, representing the European Union, was present. All this casts a dangerous and evil shadow over the meeting of 26 August, the Johannesburg Summit. I believe we should remind ourselves that we do not yet have much new evidence on our side to be able to face up to and resolve this emergency."@en1

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