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"Mr President, enlargement of the EU is an important step, and the right one, on the road that leads to Europe's future, but this is not a time for unmitigated jubilation. On the contrary, the enlargement process needs to be carefully prepared and negotiated, both as a whole and even more so in all its many details, so that they too, being the proverbial lair of the devil, may be right. It is important from that point of view that Parliament have an associated debate to thrash out enlargement as a whole – the progress of the accession negotiations, financial issues and, last but not least, Community action for the border regions. It is this topic that numerous Austrian MEPs have, for five years and initially in the teeth of virtually universal opposition, repeatedly highlighted as an indispensable back-up measure, and they have done so for very good reasons. Now that the date for accession is looming ever closer and more and more people are giving thought to what this event will actually amount to in detail, we can scarcely restrain ourselves from indicating our agreement. To be sure, most are not only willing to agree with us, but they also, and above all, want a share in the financial resources and to share them with us. As has already been said today with reference to support for border regions, the Commission was not particularly helpful at the outset. Even now, we are not completely satisfied with the communication from the Commission. What is being provided for should be welcomed as an initial measure, but there will be a need for further steps – for which read funds – to make a wholesale success of enlargement on our side of the border as well. There will also be a need for a number of other back-up measures. Above all, we need a better rule, to give additional support, in the form of European subsidies, to the efforts of our Member States and regions at restructuring using their own resources. Only when that happens will people in the region immediately adjoining the border be able to say ‘yes’ to enlargement with a clear conscience."@en1

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