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"Madam President, as is frequently the case in Parliament, the more we talk about the citizens the more we are thinking only of our own interests. This draft decision of the Council and the report by Mr Gil-Robles Gil-Delgado make a good impression: utopia, the need for proximity, the idea that we could move towards a European democracy, that we could have someone at the top of the list who would be president of the Commission; all these ideas are as far from reality as utopia was from the ideas of the contemporaries of Thomas More. Behind this utopia, there is reality, a raw, pragmatic reality; it is quite simply the desire of the large European parties to gain a stranglehold over the European Parliament, the desire of the Party of European Socialists and the European People’s Party to appropriate democracy in Europe through territorialisation which, by raising the thresholds, will, in effect, give them a duopoly over European democracy, with the rather spiteful complicity of the Greens, who are hoping to close the gap between themselves and the leading parties in a European constituency. That is the reality, ladies and gentlemen: the confiscation of European democracy by European political parties which are entirely removed from the political reality of European citizens. This appropriation would be complemented by the funding system which would enable political funds to be reserved for these parties. What we are witnessing here is a hold-up."@en1

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