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"Madam President, works on paper enjoy recognition in the art world, where they fetch high prices. The trans-European networks, are, unfortunately, in many cases, still only works on paper, and not even beautiful ones – simply a load of coloured lines on the map of the EU, numbered in sequence, running across Europe in every direction. The problem is that the many coloured lines do not always represent a modern, fully operational transport infrastructure of trams, waterways, and air routes. The network resembles the parts of a rag rug. Looked at from that angle, it is good and necessary that the Commission wants to do some repairs and so attaches primary importance to the transport facilities having greater and better interoperability and intermodality and intends to see to it that the candidate countries are better interconnected, tied in and involved. What is less edifying about this business is the way that Parliament has still not been satisfactorily involved in the decision-making structures, and it is utterly inappropriate that a number of Members, belonging to different groups, should push themselves forward in a sort of free-for-all motivated by the self-serving desire to gain standing in the eyes of the voters back home. Let us hope that the Commission's programme for a real revision of the TENs in 2004 is kept to, and let us see it as being of great importance that Parliament be involved, fully and in good time, when the time comes. What the Commission has submitted is a good intermediate step for the moment that is now upon us. We should indeed follow the rapporteur in the position he has taken and, apart from a few small corrections, support this intermediate step."@en1

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