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". – I welcome this report which calls for a consolidation of existing European food hygiene and animal health inspections. Food hygiene is something which affects European citizens' daily lives and a topic in which many people have great interest. It is important, therefore, that all legislation relating to this question should be as clear and accessible as possible. The call for all food businesses to be registered is also apt. At present, no such system exists and it is time that food producers became solely liable for food safety. If this is to become the case, when food safety issues arise, consumers will have less bureaucracy to deal with and a better idea of who is culpable. Lastly, the call for meats to be treated equally under the new rules is also welcome. There is no compelling justification to treat game differently from other meats, as is the case at present. Indeed, if a European citizen has problems with food safety only to find that there is an exemption for the particular meat in question, it could render this whole package of measures meaningless."@en1

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