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". The European research area is happening: it is an ambitious goal of the European Union, which is proposing to coordinate research activities through the Sixth Framework Programme in such a way as to enable Europe to compete against the other large nations of the world in the field of science and technology. the need for specifically transnational research. The actions carried out within the framework of the Sixth Framework Programme for research and technological development 2002-2006 will, for the first time, be implemented in line with the general research objectives set by the Treaty establishing the European Community, namely: strengthening the scientific and technological basis of European industry; encouraging it to become more competitive at international level; promoting research activities in line with principles of the Treaty establishing the European Community. The priority thematic research areas proposed in the Sixth Framework Programme have been defined on the basis of ‘European added value criteria’, which are: the intention to assemble and concentrate a critical mass of financial and human resources, limiting dispersion as far as possible; the need to link the various complementary competences present in the different countries of the Union and to carry out comparative studies on a European scale; the creation of links with the Union’s priorities and interests;"@en1

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