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"Madam President, ladies and gentlemen, I do not really approve of the atmosphere of self-satisfaction that is evident in the wake of Monterrey. Quite the opposite, I feel that Monterrey fell far short of what was required and of the targets we needed to achieve. We are currently talking of first steps, and it is quite absurd to think that we are still, today, at an initial stage, since the call for 0.7% has been on the table since 1970 and we are now saying that we might be able to achieve 0.3 or 0.31%, and we do not even know when! Secondly, even more disappointingly, there was not one word at Monterrey about the structural reforms that need to be carried out, from the dismantling of the protectionist policies we apply to our own markets such as agriculture and textiles, to the removal of the US protection of its steel market, not to mention the reforms that need to be carried out in the HIPC countries to facilitate the rule of law and the first steps towards democratic development. I therefore feel that, from this perspective, Monterrey fell far short of expectations and that we will all suffer greatly for this considerable indifference in the face of such a huge-scale problem, and it will not just be the developing countries that suffer but, I fear, we and our false securities too."@en1

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