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"Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, the Commission proposal to create a common organisation of the market in ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin is underpinned by a good intention. This is to establish conditions ensuring that the market is better regulated and that there is greater transparency and fairer competition in trade both within the European Union and with third countries. This product should, furthermore, make a major contribution to the functioning of the single market in this field. Its use in sectors such as the spirits industry and in the chemical, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, gives it a strategic importance in the European context. Ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, however, only represents around one half of alcohol consumed and produced in the European Union, with the rest being produced synthetically. This type of alcohol which is a good competitive alternative for all uses except alcoholic drinks, has seen increased growth in the European Union. The Commission proposal, however, only covers ethyl alcohol of agricultural origin, and ignores synthetic alcohol, as stated by Mrs Ayuso González. Consequently, the proposal will not enable us to achieve even a minimally effective regulation of the market unless we include, without rules or with different rules, this type of alcohol. It is also worth adding that the Commission proposal also fails to solve the problem of the small and very small distillers which, until now, has been resolved by means of national schemes and national aid. For these reasons, we feel it is reasonable to do as the rapporteur proposes and reject this Commission proposal. The European Parliament would be thereby clearly expressing its dissatisfaction with the scope of the Commission’s intentions and would call on the Commission to submit a new proposal regulating the entire market in alcohol, of both agricultural and non-agricultural origin, and to resolve the outstanding problems with the various national systems in force. The issues of bioethanol and enlargement will also have to be considered in the next proposal."@en1

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