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"Mr President, three days ago I was in Ramallah, and I am therefore one of those Members whom Mr Santini inappropriately accused of war tourism. I would like to reassure him: there was no tourism, only war. The eyewitness accounts of Members of this Parliament are one contribution to opposing this war. While we were there we saw things we would have preferred not to: we saw check points closed by the Israeli army, bursts of machine gun fire at old people and children, we saw Israeli army tanks parading in the courtyard of Ramallah hospital. If that hospital has not suffered the same fate as all the other Palestinian public buildings, if it has escaped the damage caused by roundups, that is due in part to the peaceful protection of these Members of Parliament, to their accounts of their experiences and to their power to condemn what they have seen. Mr President, time is running out. With an army that has become used to occupying and a civilian population resigned to being occupied, it is difficult to imagine that a peace free of hatred can exist. Yet the world needs unqualified peace now; above all, as Mrs Morgantini said, it needs peace without victory on either side."@en1

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