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"Mr President, Madam Vice-President, ladies and gentlemen, Mr Schmitt's excellent draft report puts us on the right track, but we are still not quite at our destination. There must be safer air travel, at least within the EU, and its safety must know no frontiers. That is our objective. One of the key elements in achieving this objective is an Aviation Safety Agency that is capable of guaranteeing a uniform and high level of safety in the air on its own responsibility and with good organisation. Well-organised, sole responsibility is the key word. Parliament must continue to insist, whatever the Commission's supervisory responsibilities might be, that they remain of a supervisory nature and that the Commission and others do not make themselves out to be co-designers of all the details. It is not only in the well-known proverb, but also in this present instance, that too many cooks spoil the broth. We MEPs must therefore continue to insist, and do so over and over again, on the agencies being as independent as possible, and, for example, on the Agency's Executive Director having an important role internally and not just externally. So we want other directors of the Agency to be appointed on the proposal of the Executive Director and hence on his responsibility. There is something else that we want and need – legislation in force as soon as possible, so that the agency can take up its role in the service of greater safety in the skies of Europe with the minimum of delay. We therefore hope that we will quickly agree on a common document with the Commission, but above all with the Council as well. In its amendments, then, Parliament has been quite deliberately restrained where we believed that this common ground might be endangered, and we hope that the others will now join in too in search of this unity."@en1

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