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". We are still waiting! The specific measures in force for the outermost regions are inadequate and only cover the fields of agriculture and fisheries – a much more modest framework than the one established ten years ago when the POSEI programmes were launched and one which squanders the possibilities opened up by Article 299(2) of the Treaty establishing the European Community, and this is both incomprehensible and unacceptable. Even in the fields that the measures do cover, their overall financial provisions have remained the same, and so, in relative terms, they are worth less today than when the measures were launched. In agriculture, some small improvements have been made to the framework of measures, and in fisheries, aid has been extended for the disposal of certain products, as is now being proposed once again, for a further year. What is needed are permanent schemes, periodically adapted and supported by sufficient overall financial provisions, not only in agriculture and fisheries but also in energy, the environment, communications, the new technologies and support for small and medium-sized enterprises."@en1

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