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"Mr President, Commissioner, I should like to bring to your attention a matter which is far from unimportant and is closely connected with the enlargement of the Union. It is the matter of the protection of human health, which has always been a primary objective in all the development policies of the countries of the European Union. The Treaty of Amsterdam, in fact, lays down that a high level of health protection is guaranteed in the drawing-up and implementation of all Community policies and activities. To this end, we are making every effort to ensure that the citizens’ health is protected by means of a common, efficient, high-quality health system, as proposed by the Community Action Plan for Public Health 2001-2006. Given that to achieve such objectives we need to develop specific policies aimed at ensuring the ongoing improvement of professionalism and scientific research in the health structures of the European Union Member States, and given that the current status of the health structures – and health policies – in the candidate countries for enlargement is clearly backward compared with the situation in the European Union, I believe we should urgently take steps, by means of studies or simulations within the Member States, to identify the possible consequences of the enlargement of the Union on public health. Furthermore, we should verify that the Community on health has been effectively adopted in the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe, and we must take into consideration control measures to prevent the entry of the candidate countries from leading to a fall in standards of health care in the countries of the Union, in view also of the recognised shortage of medical and nursing staff."@en1

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