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"Mr President, Madam Vice-President, ladies and gentlemen, transport issues have to do with public health, among other things. Transport users have accidents, suffer the stress of gridlock and, as local residents, are exposed to traffic noise and exhaust fumes and many other hazards, not only in urban but also in rural areas. In some cases, they affect an entire Member State, as we are witnessing in Austria, my own country, where major problems are caused by transit traffic. It is sensible, therefore – indeed, it is essential – to analyse and evaluate the impact of transport on public health and draw appropriate conclusions. Against this background, we owe a debt of gratitude to the rapporteur, Mrs Caroline Lucas, for this own-initiative report. We must also thank her for her willingness to work with all the groups – particularly the Group of the European People's Party (Christian Democrats) and European Democrats – in seeking sensible compromise solutions. The text which I assume we will adopt by a fairly large majority tomorrow is both ambitious and modest, and therefore deserves to be taken seriously. We want the Commission to carry out professional impact assessments and to use the scientific data as a basis for appropriate legislative initiatives wherever – but only if – these initiatives are necessary. If, indeed, it proves possible to implement some points by the end of 2003, which is one of the proposals set forth in the oral amendment by Mrs Petersen, we should welcome this step. We will be delighted to give it our support. We look forward with interest to the work of the Commission and our Vice-President, Mrs de Palacio."@en1

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