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". Mr President, Commissioner, ladies and gentlemen, as a result of the consensus achieved between the institutions in the trialogue held on 18 February, Parliament is now, I believe, able to give its assent to the Draft supplementary and amending budget No 1/2002, which deals with the financial resources intended for the special ‘Fund’ that will cover the spending of the Convention on the future of the European Union from the first day it begins its work. The work has been carried out swiftly and, in my opinion, well. Given the need to ensure that all the factors that might contribute to the effectiveness of the Convention’s works are put in place in good time, its budgetary framework has already been defined, in accordance with the rules of transparency and institutional balance. The particular nature of the Convention explains the specific characteristics of its legal and budgetary frameworks, revealed immediately by the very existence of the ‘Fund’, and by the fact that this is subject to exceptional financial rules. Particular account has therefore been taken of the temporary nature of the new body and the requirement for greater flexibility has been met. The factors I have mentioned form the basis of a specific interinstitutional agreement, which defines, in particular, the sum of the contributions from the institutions providing the finance, which are Parliament, the Council and the Commission, as Mrs Buitenweg already mentioned. Under the terms of the agreement reached in the trialogue of 18 February, the full involvement of Parliament is, therefore, guaranteed at all stages of the life of the ‘Fund’, (created by intergovernmental decision) – it must be stressed – particularly with regard to the processes of transferring appropriations and of discharge. The exceptional nature of the initiative and, as a correlation, that of the applicable rules is perfectly clear. I should like to conclude by thanking all my fellow Members for their cooperation, and I would specifically like to highlight the work of those who took part in the trialogue, Reimer Böge and Kathalijne Buitenweg, as well as the contribution of the Committees on Constitutional Affairs and on Budgetary Control, which helped to focus attention on certain aspects. I also hope that, by means of this budgetary procedure, we will remain associated with a Convention that could well make history."@en1

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