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"Mr President, the report on the future of the CFP must make a major contribution to the shape of this policy after 2002. I should therefore like to highlight six issues that I consider to be priorities. The first is that we safeguard the continuity of fishing for future generations, which will only be achieved by strengthening the policy of protecting resources and we must therefore take serious account of scientists’ recommendations, the mesh-size of nets, the protection of juvenile fish and the reduction of discards. The second issue is to ensure that there is a balanced and flexible management of the quotas and of the TACs, thereby enabling quotas to be transferred from Member States that do not use them to those that need them. The sound implementation of the multiannual guidance plans, or of the instruments that come to replace them, seems crucial if we are to achieve this objective, and serious penalties must be imposed on those countries that do not comply. The third issue concerns the need to strengthen the international fisheries agreements component, and the European Union must negotiate new opportunities for its ship-owners. The fourth issue concerns the need to approach the fisheries sector with an awareness of its specific characteristics and this is why the principle of relative stability must be upheld. My fifth point is that we must strengthen the social dimension of the CFP, so as to provide fishermen with essential support for their survival. Lastly, we must pursue the structural policy of support for the sector with the aim of keeping the Community fleet permanently up-to-date and adapted to new circumstances. I should like to thank Mrs Miguélez Ramos for all the commitment she has shown in her work. The end result is not ideal, but I hope that it will provide the basis for what is needed. I should like to end by conveying my best wishes to the Commissioner, Franz Fischler, and to take the opportunity to share a saying with him: “a good plate of cod in the Portuguese style and a good glass of red wine will cure the worst bout of flu”!"@en1

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