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". Madam President, first of all, I must mention that this is the last time we vote for a budget under your presidency. And in stating this fact, I must acknowledge the efficient way in which you have always conducted this rather complex type of voting, and I would like to say that, with you in charge, even voting for the budget can be a pleasant activity. So thank you very much. ( ) Secondly, at the end of a budgetary procedure, which, as everybody knows, is a long and complex process, I feel I must once again express my thanks. Firstly to my colleagues of the Committee on Budgets, with particular regard to the way in which the work was coordinated by the Chairman of the Committee on Budgets, Mr Wynn. The coordinators of the different political groups also deserve a mention: in addition to their activity in the committee, they serve as the link between it and the political groups and therefore make it possible for all the Members to be involved in this procedure. A special mention for Mrs Buitenweg, with whom I had the pleasure of working during this procedure, since she was the rapporteur dealing with the other institutions, and also for the draftsmen of the opinions who contributed to the involvement of each of the committees in the procedure. I feel that all this work has been very thorough. Here, thanks are also due to the secretariat of the Committee on Budgets, which went far beyond the call of duty in this operation. Great dedication was shown. Lastly, I would like to stress the constructive way in which the Commission and the Council carried out their activity throughout this budgetary procedure. Now, as is natural in such a long and complex procedure, I have a few technical observations to make, a few aspects which need to be improved upon. If you agree, Madam President, I will now mention these last minute changes so that the voting can take place more rapidly afterwards. Firstly, at first reading, Parliament adopted Amendment No 885 regarding line B5-502 , Amendment No 886 regarding line B7-665 and Amendment No 177 regarding line B7-42. These amendments should be considered as being incorporated in the voting list you have in front of you. The first two amendments were published in a corrigenda to the minutes of 25 October 2001. Unfortunately, these amendments were not recorded as having been adopted in the word processed version and consequently do not appear in documents 10 and 12. Therefore, Parliament must confirm its first reading with regard to these amendments, despite the fact that they do not appear in the document relating to the voting list which is before you on the table. As for Amendment No 177, it so happens that, by accident, it appears in document 11 (Amendments rejected by the Committee on Budgets) and not in document 12 (Amendments adopted by the Committee on Budgets). Secondly, in Amendment No 328, regarding line A-1100, the final numbers should be EUR 989 119 000, both for authorisations and for payments, and with regard to line A-950N, EUR 3.5 million should appear for authorisations and for payments. I also wish to point out that Parliament’s services must ensure that the text of the resolution is consistent with the budgetary amendments we are going to adopt. Once again, thank you all very much. Thank you very much, Madam President."@en1

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