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"Mr President, ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, Europe is continuing to pay for a well-established failing in its conflict prevention policies: we are slow, predictable and not sufficiently authoritative. I therefore feel that one of the strong points of Mr Lagendijk’s report is that it sees the point at which a political institution such as Europe acquires legitimacy in terms of conflict prevention rather than military force, and it gains legitimacy in the knowledge, not least, that sustainable, equitable peace must be pursued through politics, certainly not through military force. We particularly welcome the way Mr Lagendijk’s report sees conflict prevention as a result of Europe’s social policies rather than just the effect of good judicial cooperation, although we must never renounce that. Social policies mean that prevention, the ability to predict, to prevent and to resolve conflicts before they happen must be part of all European Union policies, as has already been pointed out by other Members, and these policies must provide for an investment in terms of both financing and human resources. In this sense, we feel that the number of European Union delegations to other countries is completely inadequate to meet the requirements of the prevention policy. As Mr Lagendijk said, we must avoid development cooperation becoming conflict cooperation, and we must therefore be particularly careful, rigorous and rational in developing all our economic policies. Lastly, I share your criticism of the Council and the Commission for not having accepted in the last six years – and six years is an extremely long time in which countless conflicts occur – the proposal put forward by Parliament at that time to institute a European civil peace corps. We must prevent conflict, and in order to prevent conflict it is often necessary to take risks, and that is what we are asking the Council, the Commission and Parliament to do."@en1

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