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"Thank you, Mr President, Commissioner and Minister Daems. Needless to say, I would naturally like to echo the words of praise expressed by my fellow MEPs for Mr Daems for all his efforts, to which Mrs Marcel has also greatly contributed, of course. I will return to this in a moment, for I would also like to thank all my fellow MEPs, and especially the rapporteurs, for the pleasant and close working relationship so far. For we must realise that what is before us was only possible thanks to the unanimity with which we in this Parliament have worked on this package. It was, of course, abundantly clear to the Council that we were not going to yield an inch on essential points, especially on the score that we want one internal market where companies and consumers can benefit from the achievements of that one Europe. And we can only achieve this in this way. That is why it is crucial for us to agree on sound procedures that are ultimately monitored by the Commission. What I miss in the Council’s package before us, is a clear stand on one European standard for digital interactive television, something which my group deeply regrets. What is clear is that Europe does not seem to be learning from past experience. Indeed, the overwhelming success of the mobile phone standard, from which consumers and companies have benefited and will do so in future, apparently failed to convince the Council enough to dare adopt a clear stand for once, namely in the field of digital television. I would therefore ask Commissioner Liikaanen whether he, following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Mr Bangemann, would be prepared to do this and would like to promote the MHP platform. I would ask him at the same time to present a clear timeframe for this. You will have understood by now that the package that is before us, this compromise, is acceptable to my group, and I only hope that Mr Daems is prepared to confirm this. For then it will be implemented to the letter of the law in Member States."@en1

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