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"Mr President, Commissioner, this is one of the rare occasions when politics must swallow its pride and take into account geographical requirements. Chairman Hatzidakis is right: we must have the courage to say ‘no’ to those pressure groups which sometimes attempt to prevent the Commission and the institutions from tackling areas affecting them which Europe has never clearly addressed. I therefore feel this proposal for a directive is appropriate in order to regulate and improve access to the port market and services. The calls for safety, the protection of workers, quality of service and, of course, respect for the environment, are appropriate and vital. I would like to make two points on this subject: we, like the Commission, believe that it is right and proper to include in the scope of this directive terminal cargo handling services, in particular, that is those services which represent over 90% of the volume of business of ports. In addition, we feel that, if an exception is to be laid down to the application of this directive on grounds of safety or environmental protection, it would thus make no sense to limit it just to pilots and exclude the other technical-nautical services. Lastly, we do not feel that this directive is the most appropriate instrument to address the issue of the public financing system. There are too many discrepancies between the systems of the 15 countries of the European Union and some extremely grey areas continue to remain. Consider – and we must be quite honest about this – how, in some of the major ports of northern Europe, there is proof of commitment to State financing in the fact that representatives of public authorities sit on the managing bodies of the individual ports. This must be made clear in the name of the transparency rightly advocated by Mr Jarzembowski."@en1

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