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"Mr President, European transport policy is not really a page of glory in the annals of the European Union. Too little, too late, not really consistent, those are only some of the features criticised as being characteristic of European Union policy to date and justifications for criticising it. The present Commission is investing a lot of commitment in attempting to counteract this. The proposal for a regulation on local public transport belongs to the legislative package with which some past errors are, admittedly belatedly, to be repaired. Some of the internal market philosophy is also to acquire significance in the transport sector. Controlled competition, not total liberalisation and certainly not privatisation at any cost, was said to be on the way. One unfortunately has to say 'was' as what the competent Parliamentary Committee has produced as a compromise signals a return to the old and unsatisfactory situation. In order that there may be no misunderstanding between us, let me say that there is consensus on all the points concerned with the quality of the transport offered to the consumer, consensus also on demands for high standards of safety, social provision and environmental protection. All that, though, can be, and is to be, required and put into effect by the conditions on the offering of contracts for tender. So we do not need the continuation of monopolies and quasi-monopolies. Finally, I will say something about subsidiarity. It is no help to local autonomy to declare local public transport to be a whose watchword is that everyone is to do what they like in the way they like. It is, unfortunately, no help to the citizens either, for it is they who, at the end of the day, have to pay for all that twice over, as consumers and as taxpayers. So, then, controlled competition and high standards for local public transport as well."@en1
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