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"Mr President, I welcome the release of Mr Dupuis and our other four Radical friends from prison, but, at the same time, I am extremely concerned for the other five political detainees who are still being detained under arbitrary arrest. We are concerned for their fate but what concerns us most is the fact that there has been no news of them at all for two years. I am appalled by the unnecessary delay with which this institution reacted to the violence suffered by Mr Dupuis and the other Radical activists. Lastly, Mr President, I would like to express my concern at a complex case of hypocrisy which Parliament and the European institutions have failed to address: on the one hand, they regularly, emotionally, bring up the issue of human rights, for the protection of human rights is a symbol of our political prowess and pride, yet, on the other, they are reluctant to apply the clause providing for the suspension of economic and commercial relations with those countries which systematically violate these rights, and not just in the case of Laos. We should not be asking Parliament to teach the world democracy: rather, we should be demanding the greatest possible consistency from our institutions."@en1

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